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Family farm
For over 100 years our family farm has preserved and passed on its know-how and its passion for wine from generation to generation.


Owner Reaping
We provide the production, development and marketing of our products.
The tasting, selection and combination of wines before bottling are subjected to our utmost care ensuring the authenticity and quality monitoring of our production.




Key dates
Vineyards purchase of Chateau Pilet in Donzac.
1974: Takeover of the paternal family winery (Chateau du Pin-Franc) by Jean and Yvette Queyrens that then develop direct sales to individuals.
1974: Takeover of the maternal family winery of Château des Graves du Tich in Sainte Croix du Mont.
1988: Creation of Civil Society Vineyards Jean Queyrens et Fils, following the death of Yvette.
Official return of the children (Alain, Patrick et Christophe) who come to join Jean to perpetuate their parents’ edifice. xbxx